Cookies + Superfoods? YES PLEASE!

We all have that one food that we really try to stay away from because we can't have "just one".  For me, it is always Oreos!  These are my absolute favorite, store bought cookie.  Definitely nostalgic and reminds me of being a kid.

Well, TODAY I am super excited to be able to replace those store bought Oreo's with a much healthier option!

Introducing, Cookies and Creamy! A BRAND NEW, PERMANENT Shakeology flavor. 
Quick Facts:

  • Vegan - meaning its dairy free
  • Gluten Free - we reformulated our vegan blend so it is now gluten free! SO excited to be able to say this!
  • And FULL of probiotics! We have DOUBLED the amount from previous flavors
  • Available on in a 30 serving bag or 24 individual serving packets 
  • Launching TODAY!

I am so excited to have an additional Shakeology flavor to add to my nutrition plan and it will help me when those cookie cravings hit!

Click here to get your own stash!