The Ultimate Reset

On Monday, May 3, 2021, I began a 21 Day Journey to reset my nutrition to feel my best physically and to refocus my mindset to feel my best mentally.

This was my second time going through this program, and it was a totally different experience than the first go round.

The first time around, I had no idea what to expect. I went into the program during a time in my life where I wasn’t the most positive person, and my nutrition was terrible. Yes, even as a Health Coach I also fall off the plate, as I like to say in our group. The first week was the toughest, and I ALMOST QUIT. My emotions were even more negative than when I began and all I wanted was a cheeseburger. LOL Thank goodness for my coach and a fellow challenger encouraging me to give it a few more days. It ended up getting better literally overnight, and looking back, I realize it was part of the process of my body releasing not only physical toxins but also mental toxins.

This time around I went in with a much better mindset as I knew what to expect. I did this again because I could feel my body starting to slow down and inflammation starting to build up. I had begun giving myself WAY TOO MANY “treats”. I needed something drastic to end this cycle. I NEEDED to hit the Reset button. I wish I could tell you that I didn’t have cravings this time around, but I did. When you are restricting yourself, cravings are going to happen. It is up to you to resist the craving and either redirect yourself so you take your mind off of it, or have a healthier option in place of the item you are craving. My afternoon superfood shakes were my saving grace. I looked forward to this shake every single day.

Now, as I have said before, this diet is not a sustainable way to live. Our bodies need all the food groups in order to function. So beginning today, I have slowly started reintroducing food groups to my diet. As people go through this process, they begin to learn which food groups affect their well being. The only food group that affected me the first go round was carbs. I wasn’t physically ill, however, when I had carbs that were not Fiber Filled Carbs (FFCs), which are whole grains, least processed carbs, I would get night sweats. I had not had one morning of waking up sweating since the first week. So going back to my usual nutrition program, I will be having only FFCs.

As far as the food I was able to consume the last few weeks, all of it was delicious and very filling. The program provides a step by step booklet of when to eat and what to eat on which days. It really takes all the guess work out of it. In fact, as I think about beginning to follow my usual nutrition program, I am a little anxious to not have it all laid out for me. LOL

Is your body ready for a Reset?

Do you want more information before you decide?

Message me to set up a time to chat to see if this is for you. No strings attached if it isn’t.