Whether you’re a wife, a mother, a sister, a girlfriend, you don’t hesitate when someone you love needs you. You don’t hesitate when they call, they ask or they even just look like they need you.

Why do you hesitate when you are in need? When you need help? When you feel the weight of it all on your shoulders?

You convince yourself their needs are more important.

You convince yourself that you are fine.

You convince yourself that some day you will have time for yourself.

Whatever the case may be, unless you start making yourself a priority too, you will stay exactly where you are.

Making yourself a priority is seems selfish, it seems like more trouble than it’s worth. However, I am here to tell you it is necessary. And once you make the decision, you will learn it isn’t so scary after all.

So, is there something that you have been wanting to do for yourself? Is there something that seems so scary to do for just you but you KNOW in your gut it's the thing that you need most right now?

Go do it. Tell your husband you need some time for yourself so he needs to tend to Y’ALL kids until you are done. If a phone call comes in, let them know you can help out when you are done with your task. Let them learn to do some things without you being right by their sides.

They will figure it out without you. And if they don’t, it can wait until you are done taking care of your needs for now.

I hear the dialogue going on in your head as you read this because it goes on in mine too. However, I know you will feel so much better once you do that thing that you need to do to be better for the rest of them...and for you. I know because I am living this season right along side you. ❤️